ContextHub Updates: Devices, Subscriptions, Updated Samples and Docs

ContextHub recently deployed a number of updates to the platform with a focus on making it easier to get started with an application and to make it easier to work with devices.


Updated Documentation, Updated Sample Applications

With the speed at which the team has been building the functionality, we just double-checked to make sure docs reflected all the new and updated features we’ve been packing in.

We’ve also been creating and updating ContextHub sample applications. These let you see each piece of ContextHub functionality in action, as well as reference all of the code that powers it.


Hello ContextHub


The Hello ContextHub sample introduces you to the features of the ContextHub iOS SDK and developer portal. It’s our “Hello World” app for context – get it?


Detect Me


Detect Me shows you how to create, retrieve, update, and delete beacons as well as detect them and their proximity.




Boundaries helps introduce you to making your app geospatially aware with geofences: boundaries around locations that devices can interact with.


Notify Me


Push notifications are a hugely popular way to increase engagement in a mobile application. Notify Me helps get you started with registering, sending, and receiving foreground and background pushes.




Distributed applications, like those you’ll make with ContextHub, require storage off the device to help maintain information and state. That’s where Vault comes in. The Storage app will show you how to store data on the server and allow it to be accessed by all devices.




When you’re ready to start putting the features together, the Wayfinder demo shows increasing levels of ContextHub integration with beacons, vault, and then push notifications.


Updated Framework for iOS

With updates to the platform, we’ve rev’d the iOS framework as well. 1.2 contains updates to managing and using devices in your application including subscriptions to devices. Check out the technical release notes for a history of changes.


Updated Application Dashboard


We’ve added analytics to the ContextHub Application Dashboard. This allows you to see trends in data points such as:

  • New device installs
  • App usage
  • Context events
  • Logs and Errors

More to come

We’re already hard at work on additional features and functionality. Please continue to check in on the ContextHub Blog for updates and follow @ContextHub on Twitter.